Printech software CheckPlusCFO works with AS400 from IBM


AS400 software Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions software CheckPlusCFO integrates with AS400 system from IBM. Successful implementations include US and international clients in Insurance and Healthcare industries. The AS400 is now called the “IBM iSeries.” The system is a midrange server that is used in small businesses or individual branches of larger companies. AS400 works well with web applications and networks. It is compatible with multiple programming languages, including C, C++, Pascal, Java, PerlSQL, BASIC, PHP, PL/I, Python and more. The system works with both 32 and 64bit executable files and comes with built-in database.

The operating system OS400 produces the import file that can be ingested by CheckPlusCFO to process payments. The company can have multiple files from different departments. They can all be processed further from centralized system CheckPlusCFO with payments being disbursed via check or electronic ACH, depending on the requirements. The AS400 features as400a large disc storage and Java virtual memory connected with operating system. This allows to process information fast and keep archives of processed payments without running out of memory. It has data recovery system in place that assures continuous operations for the organization.

Payments can be processed in multiple currencies, from multiple bank accounts and disbursed locally or to remote locations. If company has subsidiaries with different names and logos, CheckPlusCFO applies correct company details at the time of printing.

Insurance companies can print EOB (explanation of benefits), claims, process refunds and other secure documents using one system. It is efficient, secure and cost saving. Healthcare companies benefit from printing prescriptions on secure paper. The system can process accounts payable,  payroll, certificates, refunds, pin mailers, tax forms, secure documents and various reports.

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