Bank payments with CheckPlusCFO solution


CheckPlusCFO automates payments for Banks and Financial institutions


Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions provides services for banks and financial institutions. The company offers secure payment solution CheckPlusCFO that allows automation of processing bank payments including cashier checks, manager checks, refunds, pin mailers, dividends, check books, accounts payable and payroll. We work with banks in the USA and abroad. International banks and financial institutions with multiple locations manage their payment operations with CheckPlusCFO from Printech, including Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, National Bank of Anguilla, Sagicor Bank, Butterfield Bank and others. In USA we service 1st National Bank Of South Florida, Harbor Community Bank, Ocean Bank, to name a few.

Banks often grow their operations by merger and acquisition with other banks. Many banks operate using various types of accounting and ERP package. It becomes harder to manage the group of financial institutions without having the common platform and streamlined process. Payment operations are managed from different locations and manual processes make the work inefficient and redundant. The benefit of implementing CheckPlusCFO secure payment solution is that it can work with homegrown systems which banks have developed over the years. It can manage multiple companies, multiple banks and locations. It can organize payment operations in one physical division, so that disbursement is managed for all bank locations from that one common place.

There is a great savings potential when payment processing operations are centralized. The potential in cutting cost and increasing efficiencies and security is substantial.

CheckPlusCFO can manage the following payments for banks and financial institutions:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Certificates
  • Pin mailers
  • Manager checks
  • Dividends
  • Signature Cards
  • Checkbooks
  • Other custom reports.

bankCheckPlusCFO has a manual check module. Banks and financial institutions can use it to generate manager’s checks for clients who come into the bank to get certified bank check. Manual check can also be used to generate a starter checkbook for clients.

Banks and financial institutions can purchase a disaster recovery license that allows them to have a separate instance of CheckPlusCFO. It may be installed on another server and can be housed in a different location than regular payment processing system. Bank payments will still go out in a timely manner should actual disaster event take place.

Why should banks and financial institutions invest in technology? CheckPlusCFO can improve bank payments operations and enhance security and accountability. The centralized operations will allow for better management of resources. Checks are printed on blank secure laser check stock using MICR Ink. Printech provides all-in-one solutions for secure payment processing including CheckPlusCFO, blank checks and pressure seal forms, MICR Printers, MICR toners, folder sealer machines.

We carry passbook printers Craden DP8 and DP9. These are the passbook printers that fit onto teller counters crowded with hardware. They can be used to print passbooks, validations, signature cards and cashier’s checks. The printers include all the features of a traditional document printer in a receipt printer sized package. More than 65,000 of these passbook and document printers have been installed in 65 countries earning the DP8 & DP9 printers a reputation for reliability and product quality.

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