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Printech Partners

Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions partnered up with industry leaders to enhance secure payment solutions for the end-customer. Printech Partners make the end product more robust and efficient. We continuously improve product offerings and grow with new technologies.

Secure CheckPlus Software from Printech Makes Customer Refunds Easy

<p style=”margin-top: 0;”><a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Refund” width=”239″ height=”159″ /></a>CheckPlus gives businesses more options and flexibility in processing refund checks. <strong>QLT Consumer Lease Services</strong> (<a href=””></a>) implemented CheckPlus Reconciliation feature that supports multiple online users to handle check reconciliation function in high check volume environments. Check information is fed into the system by means of the input of a “checks cleared” data file from the bank. Using this rapid entry mode, CheckPlus Reconciliation significantly streamlines a normally tedious and time consuming process.</p>
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