College payments with CheckPlusCFO solution


CheckPlusCFO solution automates payments in education sector

Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions services education sector. We provide secure payment solution CheckPlusCFO that allows automation of processing college payments. We work with colleges, universities, schools and private educational institutions across the USA and abroad.

Many education incollege paymentsstitutions were established tens or even hundreds years ago. They have been using aged technology to manage their operations. The use of manual processes makes the work inefficient and redundant. Since this has been a way to operate for many years, there is a resistance to new technology.
However it is needed and beneficial for schools in the long run.

Take college payments. They go out to multiple vendors in different locations. Often schools have various branches and process payments from independent offices. There is a great savings potential in centralizing college payments and processing them from one office. This can increase efficiencies and cut labor cost.

CheckPlusCFO can manage multiple locations and branches of education institutions. The software program can also manage multiple bank accounts and currencies. Custom business rules are set according to the needs of the client, so that certain cost centers can be only accessed by the individuals who have the rights to access them. There is a full audit log of events that take place with critical event notifications when an unusual activity is detected. CheckPlusCFO can manage check payments as well as electronic ACH transactions from one system. With multiple concurrent user licenses available, system can have as many user accounts as needed.

CheckPlusCFO can manage the following college payments and forms:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • 1099 Tax Forms
  • School Cards
  • Grade Reports
  • Certificates
  • Other custom reports.

The disaster recovery license allows having a separate instance of CheckPlusCFO that is installed on another machine and can be housed in a different location than regular payment processing system. This assures the company that there will be no lapse of payments should actual disaster take place.

Many education institutions are clients of Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions, including Palm Beach State College that uses CheckPlusCFO for college payments, Adelphi University that manages accounts payable and print management, Tallahassee Community College and many others.

Why should colleges and universities invest in technology? CheckPlusCFO can improve college payments operations and enhance security and accountability. The centralized operations will allow for better management of resources.

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