Government payments with CheckPlusCFO solution


CheckPlusCFO solution automates payments in government sector.

Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions provides services for government sector. The company offers secure payment solution CheckPlusCFO that allows automation of processing government payments including accounts payable and payroll. We work with counties and city procurement centers across the USA and abroad. Foreign clients include social security offices like Antigua and Barbuda Social Security Board, Belize Social Security Board, BVI Social Security Board. In USA we service Galveston County, Hennepin County, City of Miami and many others.

Government paymentsMany government institutions have been using aged technology to manage their payment operations. Labor intensive manual processes make the work inefficient and redundant. Many departments are adopting new technologies but the process is extremely slow. The benefit of implementing CheckPlusCFO secure payment solution is that it can work with homegrown systems which government institution have developed over the years. It can also be integrated with complex ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite and many others.

Government payments are processed to go out to multiple vendors in different locations. Counties have various departments and process payments from independent offices. There is a great savings potential in centralizing government payments and process them from one office. The potential in cutting cost an increasing efficiencies is substantial.

CheckPlusCFO can manage multiple locations and department of government institutions. The software program can manage multiple bank accounts and currencies. Client can set custom business rules and access points, so that certain cost centers can be only accessed by the individuals who have the rights to access them. Audit log of events can summarize all activity on the system. In case there is suspicious activity detected, such as large government payments amount, new signature or vendor, critical event notification will be sent to the authorized person. CheckPlusCFO can manage check payments as well as electronic ACH transactions from one system. With multiple concurrent user licenses available, system can have as many user accounts as needed.

CheckPlusCFO can manage the following government payments and forms:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • 1099 Tax Forms
  • Employee forms
  • Escheat Reports
  • Certificates
  • Other custom reports.

Government institution can invest in the disaster recovery license that allows them to have a separate instance of CheckPlusCFO that is installed on another server and can be housed in a different location than regular payment processing system. The payment will still go out in a timely manner should actual disaster take place.

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