Insurance payments with CheckPlusCFO solution


CheckPlusCFO solution automates payments for insurance companies

Insurance paymentsPrintech Global Secure Payment Solutions provides services for insurance companies. The company offers secure payment solution CheckPlusCFO that allows automation of processing insurance payments including claims, refunds, accounts payable and payroll. We work with insurance companies in the USA and abroad. International insurance companies with multiple locations manage their payment operations with CheckPlusCFO from Printech, including Mapfre, Pan-American Life, Colonial Life Insurance and others. In USA we service Delaware Life Insurance, Mapfre Florida Company and many others.

Insurance companies grow by acquiring other companies under one umbrella. This process creates a large institution where each division has their own ERP and payment system. Labor intensive manual processes make the work inefficient and redundant. It is important to setup a transition to one main system across the board to manage operations, including payment system in the growing insurance company. The benefit of implementing CheckPlusCFO secure payment solution is that it can work with homegrown systems which insurance companies have developed over the years. It can also be integrated with complex ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite and many others.

Insurance payments are processed and sent out to multiple vendors and customers in different locations. Various branches process payments from independent offices. There is a great savings potential in centralizing insurance payments and processing them from one location. The potential in cutting cost and increasing efficiencies and security is substantial.

CheckPlusCFO can manage the following insurance payments and forms:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • 1099 Tax Forms
  • Refunds
  • Insurance Claims
  • Certificates
  • Other custom reports.

Often insurance payments require explanation of benefits that may take 2 or more pages. CheckPlusCFO provides overflow capability. The information that does not fit within one page continues printing on plain paper from a second paper tray or different printer minimizing wasted check stock.

Insurance companies can invest in the disaster recovery license that allows them to have a separate instance of CheckPlusCFO that is installed on another server and can be housed in a different location than regular payment processing system. Insurance payments will still go out in a timely manner should actual disaster event take place.
Why should insurance companies invest in technology? CheckPlusCFO can improve insurance payments operations and enhance security and accountability. The centralized operations will allow for better management of resources.

Checks will be processed on blank secure laser check stock using MICR Ink. Printech provides all-in-one solutions for secure payment processing including CheckPlusCFO, blank checks and pressure seal forms, MICR Printers, MICR toners, folder sealer machines.

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