Americans who move to Canada can bring CheckPlusCFO


americans-move-to-canadaThere is a trend in immigration between USA and Canada. Every year some Americans announce that they would leave the country and move to Canada. The neighbor country naturally is a popular choice. It has a stable economy, social programs and same language as the USA.

Earlier this year the Canadian government has announced that it would let 300,000 immigrants into the country in 2017, including immigrants with family ties and refugees, well-educated professionals. Google searches for “move to Canada”, “Canada immigration’ and “Canada citizenship” increased by 4,500%. People researched the cost and the process of actual move abroad. The internet traffic to  Canada’s immigration website brought it down for several hours in the middle of November. The outage was “a result of a significant increase in the volume of traffic,” a spokeswoman for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada confirmed to the media.

Move to Canada – bring CheckPlusCFO

Printech serves many US and international businesses that utilize CheckPlusCFO software move to canadafor processing payments secure and efficient. This companies do not have to worry as the move to Canada presents no problems with payment operations. The software can process payments via check and ACH in various currencies.  All is needed is the Canadian template for printing checks, or should we say cheques (Canadian way). The system will generate payments in the formats depending on the company’s needs. Canadian or US format can be selected at the time of making a payment and the system will use the correct template at the time of printing. Alternatively, for Canadian who decide to move to USA, the process with payments is just as easy. CheckPlusCFO will work in neighbor country without any issues.

CheckPlusCFO check printing software CheckPlusCFO is a turn-key solution to process payments on blank check stock or via electronic ACH. Printech offers blank check stock. Our consumable’s consultants will recommend the right format for your business, including stock paper or custom check design. Printech software makes it easy to move business from USA to Canada or the other way around. There is one less thing to worry about in addition to moving expenses, visas and settling abroad.

Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions company goal is to serve the customers whether they stay in USA or take a leap to move to Canada. Regardless of the choice, the company will support and assist its customers with software and consumable products.

Printech now offers a free web demo to showcase benefits of CheckPlusCFO. Schedule your demo today and improve the payment processing operations in your company whether you move to Canada or not.