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Print Delivery Software Confirms Documents Processing

Print Delivery Software Manager is output management software that can receive jobs from multiple systems and deliver them to printers, multi-function devices, fax software, email systems, and more. Software replaces function of spooling systems at the operating system (O/S) level.

My Print Delivery SoPrint Delivery Softwareftware enables users to submit print jobs to be held in a virtual print-release queue. Users can then release these jobs from any printer where and when needed.

Print Delivery Software  Highlight

• Submit jobs through normal print experience.
• No client software is required.
• Jobs are captured and held in OM Plus.
• Users authenticate via card readers, smart phones, tablets, embedded print apps, and release stations.
• Once user is authenticated, OM Plus routes the print job to the appropriate printer.
• Release of all jobs or a selection of jobs.

My Print Delivery software supports many methods for authenticating and releasing print jobs, and can be customized to fit customer specific needs.



Print Delivery Software

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