Printer Fleet Manager


Printer Fleet Manager Software Solution

Printer Fleet Manager is an advanced printer fleet management software system. It helps users and Service Providers manage printers and multi-function devices. Printer Fleet Manager collects information about page count, color vs mono prints, copies, scans, faxes, errors, device health, toner levels etc. Fleet Manager improves efficiency and automates consumables ordering/ replenishment, technical support, and maintenance functions.. Printer Fleet Manager Solution can reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase printer fleet uptime.

Printer Fleet Manager Software highlights:

  • Provide device profile information and specifications
  • Present meters and device information
  • Automate the toner replenishment process and notify appropriate party
  • Produce order reports with parts and vendor information
  • Detect printer and device alerts
  • Report device usage, toner consumption
  • Information is easy to navigate
  • Security to allow access to authorized users only
  • Alerts and functions can be customized by user.

Printer fleet manager software can be added as component of Print Delivery Manager print spooling system as an upgrade module.

Printer fleet manager




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