Printer Load Balancing


Many companies have large number of documents that need to be printed at the same time. Printer load balancing solution allows to send jobs to multiple printers improving efficiency and reducing the cost of printing. Printer load balancing is also known as printer pooling. The routing of print jobs can be achieved manually by relying on users to pick a printer that is free, however it is not feasible in larger organization. The print management solution from Printech Plus Technology partner automates printer load balancing and prevents documents from being stacked and waiting for their turn to be printed. The software efficiently routes print jobs to available machine that can process them.

Printers are grouped by class, depending on the speed, color specifics, cost of printing and other business rules. OM Plus printer load balancing solution distributes print jobs to all devices within the specified class. Using bi-directional communications Print Delivery Manager  can detect availability of printers at the company by class. If the specified printer is busy, the print job may be sent to the next available printer.Printer load balancing Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions provides print management software to assist with document management for the organization and make the system even more efficient. These features include document bursting, bundling and/or kitting, insertion of header and/or footer pages, support for proprietary label printers, tray management, automated fail-over and page level control. OM Plus solution counts pages and is able to automatically re-route jobs based on page count. This may significantly increase speed and lower the cost of printing of large documents as the most efficient printer may be selected in real time. Companies that use print management software with printer load balancing report improved throughput.

Plus Technologies printer load balancing solutions are great for distribution, healthcare, insurance, governments, warehouse, logistics, and other busy environments.

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