Binders provide a great branding opportunity for companies. Quality presentation materials, bank binders and folders make company look professional. Printech has years of experience delivering custom binders, passbooks, checkbook and wallet covers to companies in US and internationally. The quality of the product and its features are based on long history of manufacturing of variety of custom binder products, including standard ring binder, easel binder, catalog binder, presentation portfolio, check imaging system, CD/DVD folder, and pictorial binder.

Turned bindersTurned & Sewn Binders

Make a great impression on your customers with premium style and construction of the turned & sewn binder. It features gold / silver-stamped logo, plush feel and stitching with foam added to the lids. This binder is perfect for executives with portfolio demonstration, strategy or business plan presentations.

Variety of colors, finishes and styles are available. Our sales professionals will work with you to design the product that will show your company in the best light.

Turned edge bindersTurned Edge Binder

Custom turned edge binders from Printech will package your presentation like a candy and promote your brand. The binder makes presentation more professional and exciting. Order the binder to match and enhance your content so it feels more like a book.

Turned edge binder is made from standard binding materials, glued to chipboard or binder board. You can add slipcases or multiple compartment storage boxes.

Vinyl bindersVinyl binder

Vinyl binders are perfect for sales meetings, training seminars and workshops. Print your custom logo and company information. Use them for presentation or mail to clients and prospects. Varity of colors and styles are available, including clear overlay and embedment binders. Choose from standard exposed rivets and concealed rivets. Add pockets to you custom binder. Easel binders are also available.

Poly bindersPoly Binder

Poly Binders are made from high-strength polypropylene or polyethylene. Resistance to extreme temperatures, rough treatment, water, oil, grease and dirt make them ideal for industrial environments. Varity of colors and styles are available, including translucent.

Seal cut bindersSeal Cut Binder

Seal Cut Binders are more durable than Poly Binder. They are made from expanded supported vinyl used by the handbag and upholstery industries. Emboss or deboss your design using silk-screening or foil stamping. This binder lasts three to five times longer than vinyl binder, can be reused for your next project.

Green bindersGreen Binder

Green binders are made from FSC® certified material having 30% of post-consumer waste in the cover and liners. The chipboard interior is made from 100% recycled fibers and there are no harmful coatings added in the manufacturing process.

Decorate Green binder with your company logo and information. The ring metal can be removed and reused, or recycled.

All binders come in a variety of colors and materials. They can be customized to make your professional presentation stand out and show company in the best light. Printech can help you with design and style. Contact us today to speak with our consultant at 305.592.2838