Laser Cheques Canadian

Laser Cheques Canadian Format

Whether you are in the U.S. or Canada, if you print laser cheques Canadian format from a Canadian bank account, you need to be compliant with the new CPA (Canadian Payment Association) standards from September 2nd, 2008. Only the back of the cheque has been affected by the CPA design changes and these include the addition of a Teller Stamp area and the word “Back” in both English and French.

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Laser Checks Canadian Format

8-1/2″ x 11″

Check Location No of Perfs. Form Number   Perforation Location
Top 2 MC351GR-CC Green 3-1/2 3-1/2 4
Bottom 2 MC352BL-CC Blue 4 3-1/2 3-1/2
MC352GR-CC Green 4 3-1/2 3-1/2
BC302P-CC Blue 3-2/3 3-2/3 3-2/3
BC302PII-CC Green 3-2/3 3-2/3 3-2/3

If you need to print your cheques with a cheque writing software that meets all the new CPA standards, explore cheque printing software CheckPlusCFO. See how you can use blank laser cheques Canadian format stock to print your cheques with the MICR line, and signatures from multiple banks and accounts, using various currencies.

Canadian Payments Association (Association Canadienne des Paiements) regulates standards of laser cheques Canadian format with Standard 006 “Specifications for MICR-encoded payment items”. This Standard defines the location and background design of the necessary data element fields for imageable MICR-Encoded Payment Items and other MICR-Encoded Payment Items.

Laser cheques Canadian format required items, Section 6:

  • Money Orders and Bank Drafts;
  • Business Checks
  • Inter-Member Debits;
  • Settlement Vouchers;
  • Canada Savings Bonds; and
  • Provincial Savings Bonds.

A variety of testing equipment can check if checks are in compliance with laser cheques Canadian format:

  • printing and layout  gauges,  which  check  position,  skew,  alignment,  character location, etc.;
  • pocket comparators with grids, which permit a check on character dimensions voids, edge irregularity and overall print quality.

An imaginary rectangular clear area 0.64 cm (0.25″) around each of the Data Elements specified below, required to optimize image character recognition.

 Front of Payment Item

  1. 1.59cm (5/8”) MICR encoding area;
  2. date field;
  3. payee name field;
  4. amount in figures field (i.e. the convenience amount rectangle and dollar sign);
  5. amount in words field;
  6. CPA member name and address field; and
  7. signature line area.

Back of Payment Item

  1. “teller stamp here” box;
  2. endorsement area;
  3. Verification Phrase (i.e. “Back/Endos”; “Endos/Back”; “Back/Verso”; “Verso/Back”; “Verso”; or “Back”); and
  4. the 2.54cm (1”) area from the aligning edge.

Note: The 5/8” MICR encoding area and the 2.54cm (1’’) area from the aligning edge on the back of the item already include a clear area.

Paper quality of laser cheques Canadian standard

Grades of papers commonly used for the preparation of payment documents include bond, forms paper, carbonless paper, various safety papers, and special cheque papers including recycled paper.

Canada chequeAll grades of paper must meet the paper specifications defined below. Paper manufacturers should be conscious of the fact that magnetic particles in virgin or recycled paper may interfere with the correct reading of the MICR line and take the necessary steps to eliminate their presence in these products. The paper quality of carrier envelopes and cheque repair strips, used solely by financial institutions on rejected items, shall also conform to the following paper specifications.

laser cheques Canadian

Business Reply Envelopes for laser cheques Canadian

The minimum size of documents established for the magnetic ink character recognition program is 15.88 cm x 6.99 cm (6¼” x 2¾”), and the maximum size is 21.59 cm x 9.53 cm (8½” x 3¾”)

Since folded documents and creases through MICR characters increase the possibility of jams, misreads and rejects in reader-sorters, it is recommended that undersized business reply envelopes not be used.

Window Envelope for laser cheques Canadian

The window envelope cheque has been designed to meet Canadian post office standards, in that the maximum space allowed for the window is 1.91 cm (3/4″) from the bottom edge of the envelope and 1.43 cm (9/16″) from the right and/or left edge of the envelope and 3.97 cm (19/16″) from the top edge of the envelope.laser cheques Canadian

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