Lockbox Solution Accounts Receivable (AR)

SafeBox Plus – Lockbox Solution Accounts Receivable

Printech SafeBox Plus is the LockBox solution accounts  receivable solution. It will greatly improve your cashflow by collecting checks from your customers and AR Settlement. SafeBox Plus Lockbox Solution integrates into your operations and allows to minimize time and cost of processing incoming payments utilizing web and image-enabled technologies. The SafeBox Plus lockbox solution accounts receivable system breaks the payment capture process down into 5 STEPS:

SafeBox Plus lockbox solution accounts receivable

Merchant uploads file with accounts and invoice information Scan payments:

  • checks
  • coupons
  • invoices
  • EOBs
  • envelopes
Validation of payments based on set rules:

  • Payment History
  • Phonetic Matching
  • Splitting Payments
Post Accounts Receivable Store data securely
System uses file to match payments with customers Send Check Images to bank Local or remote access to data
System captures returns Customer downloads AR files to update system Easy to search for information


SafeBox Plus (SB+) Lockbox solution accounts receivable features:

  • Supports loading of all customer data for payment matching.
  • Support for a wide range of check scanners.
  • Support for MICR, OCR, CAR / LAR, barcode, and QR codes.
  • Supports Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
  • Capture payment coupons, invoices, checks, etc.
  • Payment images stored securely online, real time.
  • AutoValidation feature eliminates 80% of manual validation.
  • Workflow eliminates key entry errors, improves accuracy.
  • Uses your Billers own A/R file data to post entries!
  • Produces output files for your Billers A/R system, check image file sent to your bank, etc.
  • View all transactions with their associated document and payment images.
  • Administrative rights for multiple levels of internal access.
  • Multi-user access to all functions.

System Requirements:

Recommended Server: (2) Quad core processors; 64 bit; 8gb memory;  850gb disk; Windows Server 2008 r2

Recommended Workstation: i5 processor; 64 bit; 4gb memory; 500gb disk; Windows 7

CAPTURE:  As items scan, item matching begins immediately

SafeBox Plus Lockbox solution for accounts receivable


SafeBox Plus Lockbox solution for accounts receivable validate



SafeBox Plus Lockbox solution for accounts receivable check reading post

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