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Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions specializes in providing health care providers with high security prescription forms. All products are in compliance with current regulations for prescription format and security features.

RX forms are printed utilizing latest fraud prevention technologies available. Doctors offices, pharmacies and laboratories use blank secure RX forms and prescription forms. All information can be printed using software and documents will be secure against fraud.

Protective security features include:

    • Silver Security Paper – Changes color to indicate exposure to chemical alteration;
    • Artificial Knight Fingerprint Watermark and Fingerprint Watermark may be seen by holding the document at an angle or under a black light;
    • Heat-Sensitive Ink – Disappears above 85 degrees by breathing or rubbing;
    • Invisible Fluorescent Fibers – Appear only under black light;
    • Microprint on the border – Appears as a solid rule, but reads “Fingerprint Security” when magnified;
    • “RX Secure Prescription” Background – The words “RX Security Prescription” appear as a continuous pattern across the back of the blank.

How to detect if RX Forms are fraudulent:

  1. Absence of the pink Knight Fingerprint, the Fingerprint Security wording and the Fingerprint Seal indicates that the document is fraudulent.
  2. The pink color will disappear when blowing or rubbing thumb across the pink areas.

RX Form S930-R/199

Rx Red Rainbow Prescriptions P4up

Rx Red Rainbow Prescriptions P4 PerforatedRx Forms
















Comes in the packaging of 500 sheets

RX Form S922-R/361

Green Rainbow Blank Security Paper 2 per page

Prescription Forms
















Comes in the packaging of  500 sheets

RX Form S920-R/361

Blank Security Paper – one per page

“Fingerprint Security” Background – The words “Fingerprint Security” appear as a continuous pattern across the document.

Green Rainbow Red Rainbow Blank

Red Rainbow Blank Security Paper P1BackerRed Rainbow Blank Security Paper P1

RX form




Comes in the packaging of  500 sheets

RX Form 820-R/199

Red Rainbow Blank Security Paper- one per page

“Fingerprint Security” Background

820-R-199- red820-R-199- red back




Magnifying glass




Comes in the packaging of  500 sheets

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