MICR Check Printer

MICR Check PrintersMicr Check Printer

Printech offers MICR check printers which are specifically engineered for laser check printing and other negotiable documents. Process your documents in a single pass through the printer, including logo, signatures, customer data and MICR line, all in a secure environment.

Depending on the volume we can offer MICR check printers with 35ppm and a duty cycle of 100,000 pages per month to 65ppm and 275,000 pages per month.


*Although the models listed as discontinued, we still sell the consumables (MICR toner cartridges, maintenance kits, Font DIMM Cards, etc.)*

  • A MICR check printer  is a unit which has been modified to print E-13B or CMC-7 characters as a means of producing a negotiable document.

    MICR Check Printer

    Security Features

        • Encrypted data stream
        • Unique three-position MICR key lock to control access to the printer’s resources
        • Tray locks
        • Password Protection
        • E-13B and CMC 7 MICR fonts
        • Audit trail reporting – Generated and stored on the printer
        • Auto jam recovery disable
        • Set-Copy Control
        • MICR Toner Detection – Detects whether MICR toner or regular toner is installed in the printer to prevent printing negotiable documents with regular toner.

    Order your MICR check printer together with Check Printing Software and security features in the MICR laser check printer will be integrated and available for your protection.

    Contact us about our MICR check printers for more information.

    We also offer a full selection of TROY, Hewlett-Packard, Source Technologies and Lexmark MICR toner cartridges guaranteed to meet all banking industry standards.