W-2 Form

W-2 Form Wage and Tax Statement

The  W-2 Form, Wage and Tax Statement is required to report wages paid to employees and the employee and employer taxes. Each employee receives a complete W-2  Form from their employer that shows wages and other compensations received as a result of employment relationship. They are later have to declare income reflected in W-2 Form on their income return.  All employers are required to mail W-2 form to their employees on or before January 31.

2016-w2Each sheet of W-2 Form contains information for two employees and is printed as a separate batch. All Copy A’s, Copy B’s, Copy C’s  are printed separately.

Printech provides W-2 tax forms in easy to order packages that include 4, 6 or 8 copies depending on state and local requirements.

W-2 Form Sets from Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions

Set of 100 Employees contains 50 sheets of Copies A,B,C, D (and 1 and 2). It is available without envelopes or with 100 regular envelopes or with 100 Self-Seal  envelopes.

Mini set of 50 Employees contains 25 sheets of Copies A,B,C, D (and 1 and 2). It is available with 50 regular D envelopes or with 50 Self-Seal  envelopes

Micro Set of 20 Employees contains 10 sheets of Copies A,B,C, D (and 1 and 2). It is available 20 Self-Seal envelopes.

W-2 FormThis 4-up set of W-2 Form has the employee instructions that are printed in the back of the form. Same  envelopes can be used with this format. Software is required to print information on this form. CheckPlusCFO secure payment processing software can automate the process of W-2 form. All  the payments made to a specific employee over the year can be summarized and printed with taxes indicated.

Pressure seal W-2 forms are available as an 11” V-fold and 14” EZ-fold with printed and blank format. Request samples, prices  and different options.

Contact us to find out about other sets of W-2 Form. Printech can create a package just for your company, regardless of whether you mail the forms or file electronically.

W-3 Form summarizes all W-2 Forms issued by the employer and is used only on paper filing of W-2.

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