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Fraud Protection and Security Features

Printech’s Blank Laser Check Paper With Multiple Security  Features Gives You Superior Fraud Protection During Check Printing

We offer SecureMark Blank Laser Check Paper with Double Check Shield, a sophisticated and innovative line of blank laser check stock paper with superior fraud avoidance security features to protect your organization against the threat of check fraud.

Blank Laser Check Paper Security Features

Blank laser check paper

1. MICR Line Printed On Demand 7.   Dynamic Number
2. Secure Logo Printed On Demand 8.  MICR Line
3. Secure Symbol And Text 9. “VOID” –Hologram in copy mode
4. “Over-Print” 10. Chemical Reactivity
5. Reverse Secure Font 11. Secure Watermark
6. Electronic Signature 12. Microprinting


With the SecureMark blank laser check paper, your laser checks will be protected against chemical alteration, erasure, toner removal, photocopying and counterfeiting.

Our blank laser check paper security features comes in a wide variety of check designs, layouts and color combinations for business use and is available for immediate shipment.

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Blank laser check paper Blank laser check paper

Double Window Envelopes

Stock double window envelopes are also available to help you eliminate the need for more expensive preprinted envelopes and/or the use of printed address labels.

For more information and samples of our SecureMark Blank Laser Check Paper with Double Check Shield or our stock Double Window Envelopes, Click Here.

Use this Blank Laser Check Guide to order checks for your company with optimal security features  to avoid fraud and comply with country’s regulations.