Business checks


Blank laser check stock with security features.

A large number of fraudulent business checks pop up around the country. Why is this happening and how to prevent it and keep it under control?

Check FraudThe truth is that fraudulent business checks are hard to identify, especially with the new technology of remote deposit, scanning and capturing. If you own a business that accepts checks as a method of payment, you need to be sure that the check you received is not fraudulent. Should you have any concerns about the validity of a check, its best to verify it with the issuing bank. The bank takes up to 3 business days to clear the funds and if you do not detect the problem right away, you will likely find yourself out of funds. Due diligence is very important especially with new accounts. Be aware when a company places a large order, requests product or service ASAP, is ready to overnight the check so you can ship product faster. If it sounds too good to be true, it is probably not true.

Most business will accept a cashier check as a method of payment thinking that it is a guaranteed way to collect the funds. The truth is that those are as easily fabricated as regular checks.

Business Check Fraud Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions has been in business of selling check paper for 30+ years. We service clients in US as well as internationally. Countries like Haiti, Panama, Guatemala and Jamaica have very stringent rules to the type of paper they issue checks on. This is due to fraudulent checks that were found in the circulation. The governing institutions take measures to prevent this from happening.

In order to meet the growing demand for security paper we offer security features that are imbedded in the paper itself.

Business checks security features.

  • True Papermachine Watermark
  • Two Color Rainbow Blend Pantographbusiness checks
  • Full Chemical Reactivity
  • Border Copy Warning Band
  • Copier “VOID” Pantograph
  • Copy “VOID” Endorsement
  • Check Endorsement Warning
  • Signature Area & Amount Line Pantographs
  • Microprinting
  • Invisible Fluorescent Fibers (Covert/hidden)
  • SecurLaser Tonerlock
  • Laid Lines – Anti Splice Backer

We can provide this features as well as other special custom requests to make business checks more secure and compliant with bank regulations of the country. Printech deals with banks and international financial institutions and thus very familiar with the industry demands.

When training your company personal who accepts the payments, you needs to point their attention to the portrait watermarks, color-shifting numeral designations, raised printing that feels rough, irregular lines. U.S currency website can provide detailed up-to date information about US currency in circulation.

In addition we provide check printing software CheckPlusCFO that can manage company checks. It adds security features that are dynamically printed on the checks. It adds a padlock icon on the business checks that indicates that extra security measures have been taken in designing and production of the checks or the material being used adheres to the industry standard.

The positive pay software module of CheckPlusCFO secure payment solution allows a customer to generate and transmit a file to their bank referencing the business checks that have been issued with the software. The bank then takes responsibility to cash only those checks referenced in the Positive Pay file. This way if someone tries to cash a fraudulent check, they can be caught right away.positive pay software

Customer financial security is our major concern and we constantly develop measures to stay on top of the new fraudulent schemes. Visit Printech Global to request about security check stock and protect your company finances.

Use this Blank Laser Check Guide to order checks for your company with optimal security features  to avoid fraud and comply with country’s regulations.