CheckPlusCFO Flow Chart


CheckPlusCFO works with your existing accounting system or ERP. We integrate with most systems, including homegrown applications.

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CheckPlusCFO MICR Printing Software Highlights

  • Issue checks on plain secure check stock;
  • CheckPlusCFO check printing software supports unlimited banks, bank accounts, companies, logos, signatures and currencies;
  • Can automatically switch forms;
  • Can work in automated mode;
  • Save archival copies of checks with Non-Negotiable protection features;
  • Enhanced Void and re-print controls with CheckPlusCFO MICR secure payment software;
  • “Overflow” check portion can be printed to a different tray;
  • Re-print based on user rights and business rules;
  • Signature controls based on strict parameters;
  • Multi-level access feature prevent unauthorized use of the system and is managed in business rules;
  •  Audit Log, user activity monitoring;
  • Detailed Check Register report;
  • Custom reports;
  • Works with all financial management software packages;
  • ACH electronic payments.