Custom checks from Printech Global


Custom Checks as Payment Method

Companies use different ways to pay their vendors, contractors, suppliers, employees and shareholders. With electronic and mobile transaction becoming more popular, the use of checks reduced over time. However checks remain a useful and traceable way of payment for both B2B and B2C transaction.

Business checks in USA have been used for over a century and they are not going away in the near future. Many companies use custom checks that are specially designed for their business. They feature company logo, colors and have security features on the paper. With the use of check printing software like CheckPlusCFO, it is easy to produce professional looking secure custom checks. They present a positive image of the business and great for branding purposes.

Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions provides business checks with different options to choose from. A client can select from many styles, colors, security features to create personalized custom checks. Our programmers can design the check style according to the specifications, with logo and color scheme provided by the client.

Custom checks PMSWhen matching the color for custom checks the print plant uses the pantone matching system (PMS) that is an industry standard for spot colors. It is based on thousand standardized ink colors. The color for the custom checks is mixes before the printing process begins to minimize variation in the print run.

When a company orders a large amount of custom checks, Printech recommend using press-proof and produce high-quality one-off copies of the production artwork. This way the client can make changes to colors and information printed on the checks and approve it prior to a large print job. The policy of press-proof can save printing plan and customer a lot of money instead of producing hundreds of thousands of custom checks and not being satisfied with the final product.

Many clients prefer to order checks in large volumes. It allows for savings on per check basis. Custom checks can be stored in customer location. Printech also stores checks for some clients and ships them on demand.  View samples of the custom checks that we have created. The laser checks can be pre-printed with some information or blank, allowing flexibility of using them for various types of payments: payroll, accounts payable, dividends, refunds and other.

Custom Checks Options

There are different formats for custom checks. Clients can choose from the following options:

  1. Check on Top. Business check is printed on top of the sheet with two stubs.
  2. Check in the Middle. The stub above is used for book keeping, and the voucher below can be sent to the payee with the check payment.
  3. Check in the Bottom. Business check is printed in the bottom of the page.
  4. Business check 3 on page. The form can have 3 checks per page. It is a cost saving options, when company doesn’t require vouchers with details and explanation of benefits.
  5. Business check 4 on page. This format is popular with international clients, including banks in Haiti and Eastern Caribbean region.

Custom checks topThe option of business checks on top is the most popular and is used for payroll and accounts payable disbursements. The two stubs provide plenty of space for details and explanation of benefits to the payee.

Depending on the accounting package that company uses, some options are not available. With CheckPlusCFO there is no limitation of using check on the top, bottom or any other options. We can adjust the software for any option of custom checks design. Companies can use pre-printed checks with some information identified or blank checks, when check writing software fills out all required information.

Security features like watermarks, warning bands, hologram, and chemical reactivity can be added to custom checks paper. This will help to protect company finances and avoid fraud. Printech works with many international companies that require sophisticated security features and design as check fraud is very high.

Contact us to order custom secure laser checks or custom pressure seal forms for your company. We also have Canadian cheque format available. We will work with you to design professional checks with logo and company information that creates a positive message and branding for your organization.