Direct Mail Firms Improve Response to Mailing Campaigns


Direct Mail Firms Overview

Many direct mail firms were founded during the direct marketing boom. Direct marketing or direct response is a form of advertising that allows organizations to communicate directly with the customer. There are different ways that client can be reached:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Letter
  • Flier
  • Website
  • Catalogs and many others.

Direct marketing is an effective form of advertising. It has a call to action message so that the potential client can provide response by contacting direct mail firms via phone, email or going to the website.

Direct mail firmsPrintech Global Secure Payment Solutions provides pressure seal equipment and pressure seal blank forms to direct mail firms. The products allow to automate mailing operations, create professional looking advertisement and increase the rate of response from the customers. The result can be measured directly. If a company sent out 1000 pressure seal letters, and 100 clients responded to the special offer, the rate of response is 10%. Direct Marketing Association agrees that by using professional mailers direct mail firms can expect greater rate of return.

Printech products that improve rate of response for direct mail firms

Printech Global Secure Payment offers many types of pressure seal machines. We carry brands such as Formax and Wilmer that are the leaders in the industry. We offer machines to cater to different volume of mailers, from hundreds to thousands a day. The client list includes not only the direct mail firms, but also banks, governments and education organizations.

Many direct mail firms use direct mail to send advertising materials using pressure seal forms. They range in sizes and colors and can be used for check printing, pin mailers, direct mail and other forms of mail. Direct mail firms can process pre-approved credit card applications, various invitations and promotions.

Fold Style C, V, Z, EZ, ECPressure seal forms range in sizes from letter size (8.5 x 11) to legal size (8.5 x 14). They eliminate the need for envelopes and save the time that takes to stuff and seal documents. Pressure seal forms are one-piece mailers that are folded creating an envelope. They come in different formats including Z-, EZ-, ZX-, C- and V-fold sheets, depending on the needs of direct mail firms, government, financial or education organizations. Various colors, formats and security features can accommodate creation of direct marketing mailers, checks, newsletters, payroll, certificates, pins, statements, invoices and other mailers.

With the use of secure payment software CheckPlusCFO the information can be printed on the pressure seal forms, including account, address, company logo and other information. The pressure seal machine receives the mailer from the laser printer, folds and seals it to create a professional piece of mail ready to be sent out to the customer.

Direct mail firms often utilize bulk mail companies to send out advertising and secure documents efficiently. They use pre-sorted mail or bulk mail providing a cost-effective method of delivery.

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