Folder Sealer Equipment

Formax folder sealer equipment models support organizations of various sizes

Formax AutoSeal folder sealer equipment line includes desktop solutions that can handle operations of organizations of various sizes. Desktop solutions begin with the economical FD 1200 entry-level pressure sealer for smaller jobs while the fully-automatic folder sealer FD 2054 model can process multiple applications for  a large office.

Folder Sealer Equipment

Pressure seal one-piece mailers are the ultimate solution for any business document that can be printed on one piece of paper. There is no need for envelopes, folding and stuffing by hand. Pressure seal mailers have narrow bands of pressure sensitive adhesive which create a complete and secure seal when processed through AutoSeal equipment. They’re laser printer compatible and provide a simple, streamlined solution for company of any size and type.

See pressure seal checks and forms that can be used with folder sealer equipment.

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FD 1000- AutoSeal Hand Feed Pressure Sealer

FD 1200 – AutoSeal – Low Volume (Cut Sheet)

FD 1406 – AutoSeal – Low Volume (Cut Sheet)

FD 1506 – AutoSeal – Mid- Volume (Cut Sheet)

FD 2002 – AutoSeal – Midrange (Cut Sheet)

FD 2032 – AutoSeal – Midrange (Cut Sheet)

FD 2054 – AutoSeal – Large Volume (Cut Sheet)

FD2002IL In-Line Print, Fold & Seal (Cut Sheet)

FD 2094 – AutoSeal – Mid Volume Production – Air Feed (Cut Sheet)

FD 1400 – AutoSeal – Low Volume (Cut Sheet)  Discontinued. Replaced by FD 1406

FD 1500 – AutoSeal – Low Volume (Cut Sheet) Discontinued. Replaced by  FD 1506

Folder/Inserter Equipment

FD 6100 – Low Volume Folder/Inserter

FD 6202 – Folder/Inserter

FD 6300 – Folder/Inserter

FD 6300 Video

FD 6302 – Folder/Inserter

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