U-Seal Forms Self-Sealing Mailers

U-Seal Self-Sealing Laser Forms

U-seal formsU-Seal form features a new technology in self-seal mailing applications. With U-seal forms you do not need an expensive folder-sealer machine to seal them. Only 10lb of pressure applied is enough to create a bond and seal your mailer. It is similar to pressure seal that uses Z, C and V fold sequences, however does not require extra hardware. You can easily hand seal your mailers.

Although U-Seal does not bond as securely as pressure seal, the forms look just like the ones that are sealed by regular pressure seal machine.

Our U-Seal forms are made with durable 28lb material that runs through laser printer. There is no special equipment that is required to seal the forms.

Benefits of U-Seal Forms:

– No need to use an envelope.
– No need to buy pressure seal machines.
– Up to 4 colors on 14” and 17” and 8 colors on 11”.
– Standard C, V, Z folds available, as well as the 14” eccentric Z.
– Easy print, fold, seal process.
– Simplex or duplex printable.
– Mailers are easy to open.
– Self-mailing forms save time and cost.

u-seal forms

Pressure seal forms C, V, Z-fold

U-Seal forms can be used for many mailers:

– Billing statements
– Invoices
– Appointment notices
– School mailers and grade reports
– Class schedules
– Policy changes
– Subscription renewals
– Insurance statements
– Marketing and advertising materials
– Coupons, discounts, sales
– Gift certificates
– License renewal
– Cancellations

We have many clients who order custom checks and forms with their company logo, color scheme and other details. Contact us to get a quote.

U-Seal forms bring ease of use and convenience to self-mailing systems in many industries. Below is the list of companies we supply with self-sealing mailers.

– Government. They use U-Seal forms to send policy changes, information about voting on local and federal level, billing information etc.
– Advertising companies. They use U-Seal forms to send marketing materials, specials, announcement etc.
– Retail Business. They use U-Seal forms to send special announcements, store sales, employee notifications and other mailers.
– Newspapers and magazines. They use U-Seal forms to send out subscription notifications, service offers, cancellations and more.
– Medical companies. They use U-Seal forms to send out appointment notifications, summary of benefits, patient billing statement etc.
– Schools. They use U-Seal forms to mail grade reports, certificates, and school announcements.

Other industries include collection agencies, insurance companies, utility companies, hospitality industry.

U-Seal Form represent a great simple way to send professional looking self-mailers for various forms of communication with clients or prospects.

Contact us today for more information or to request samples.

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