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SecureMark Laser Check Paper

Printech provides secure checks with double check shield – our most secure laser check stock.

Double Check Shield – Heat Sensitive Ink Laser Check Paper

  • True Papermachine Watermark
  • Two Color Rainbow Blend Pantograph
  • Full Chemical Reactivity
  • Border Copy Warning Band
  • Copier “VOID” Pantograph
  • Copy “VOID” Endorsement
  • Check Endorsement Warning
  • Signature Area & Amount Line Pantographs
  • Microprinting
  • Invisible Fluorescent Fibers (Covert/hidden)
  • SecurLaser Tonerlock
  • Laid Lines Anti Splice Backer

Laser check paper is  available in 8.5 x 11 Blue to Green and Red to Blue Prismatic with two horizontal perforations and check bottom.

Laser Check Paper Security Features

1) Copier “Void” Feature

2) ABA Check Endorsement Clause

3) Watermark Certification Seal

4) Signature Area & Amount Line

5) Micro Printing

6) Fluorescent Fibers

Contact us for quote of  Laser check paper. We carry large inventory of checks and can create custom laser checks for your company.