Printech software CheckPlusCFO works with Oracle Financial


Oracle financialOracle offers integrated IT and financial management solutions for banks, finance companies, insurance, government and large manufacturing enterprises. The solutions include Oracle FLEXCUBE suites, Oracle Financial Services, ERP and other comprehensive systems. The software from Oracle is robust and allows management of operations in multiple location to comply with country-specific accounting standards and policies. Oracle financial suite is used by over 900 companies in 145 countries.

CheckPlusCFO is a popular add-on that organizations can integrate in addition to Oracle Financial to process payments, including accounts payable, payroll, managers checks, refunds, pin mailers, EOBs, grade reports, certificates and other secure documents.  The software is used by many Oracle clients due to its simplicity when it comes to payment disbursement via check or ACH.

CheckPlusCFO processes import files generated by Oracle Financial. In many cases companies may have multiple ERP systems. By using CheckPlusCFO software from Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions, organizations can import Oracle Financial  files together with files from other ERP / accounting systems and disburse payments from one centralized location. Payments can be processed in automated mode or manually. CheckPlusCFO can pull data from web services, tables or databases. If automated mode has been set up, the software will look for files throughout the day and pick them up when they are available for processing. The automate import gathers the files and processes them as specified in the settings: right away, at a specified time or on demand.

Once payments are processed, CheckPlusCFO can generate an export  file and upload it back into Oracle Financial and other ERP / accounting systems. This way the system will be updated with payment information and the cycle will be complete.

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