Pressure Seal Self Mailer

Pressure Seal Self Mailer Systems

Pressure Seal Self Mailer (PS Mailers) allow for laser checks and forms to be printed, folded, sealed, and mailed in a sufficient way and much less time than conventional printing and mailing process using envelopes. It’s a one-piece sheet than when folded, becomes the envelope. That means no more envelopes to inventory, match, and stuff – which helps to reduce labor and supply costs.Pressure Seal Self Mailer

PS Mailers can be used to process accounts payable, business checks, direct mail, notices, report cards, grade reports, pin mailers and any other documents that require mailing.

There are different models of PS Mailers depending on the volume of documents processed:

Benefits of Pressure Seal Self Mailers

  • Decreased processing time
  • Increased productivity
  • Labor cost reduction
  • No envelopes to buy or store

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