SAP Support for Classic RFC Library


SAP Support for Classic RFC Library to End March 2016

SAP supportAfter March 31, 2016, SAP will no longer support the classic RFC library librfc32(.dll). The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) informed partners and independent software vendor (ISVs) with instructions to transition to the new SAP NetWeaver RFC Library. The company originally made this announcement on August 15, 2012, as the certification for solutions integrating via the old RFC library had a 3-year term.

The SAP support center provides information to help partners with transition, including support and availability of the SAP NetWeaver RFC Library. The libraries that no longer have SAP support include the classic RFC SDK libraries, Releases 7.11 and 7.20.

Many companies have requested information from SAP support regarding the tools replacing classic RFC library. The alternatives are SAP NetWeaver RFC Library, SAP Java Connector, SAP Connector for Microsoft .NET. The new library has a different API. The interface programs need to be updated with new functions. However, the new library is more user-friendly supports Unicode and non-Unicode language. There are also some limitations of the new SAP NetWeaver RFC Lib, including its inability to connect an external program with SAP Process Integration (PI) by using the PI RFC Adapter. The new library doesn’t support communication between two external systems.

Sap support printechPrintech’s partners that work with SAP adjusted programming to support the new version of SAP Libraries. For example, Plus Technologies has re-certified its print management software and will support SAP for releases beyond version 7.2.

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