TROY M604 MICR Printer


TROY M604 MICR Printer is ideal for office environment

TROY M604 MICR Printer is ideal for production in the office environment. It features multiple paper handling options, 52 pages per minute print speed. It increased productivity for every size workgroup and able to print up to 225,000 pages per month.

TROY M604 MICR Printer is the direct replacement of TROY 601 MICR Printer.

Troy m604Printer Intelligence:

  • Requires user authorization to print confidential data files;
  • Provides confidential data transmissions to print to specific paper trays;
  • Intelligence that prevents printing MICR data with non MICR toner;
  • Intelligence to protect from duplicate check printing with TROY’s disable jam recovery function.




TROY M604 MICR Printer is ideal to print Accounts Payable checks, statements and secure documents in organization. It provides enhanced security and privacy.

TROY M604 MICR Printer Specification:

  • Print Speed                              Up to 52ppm
  • First Page out                          As fast as 7 sec Ready Mode
  • Print Quality                            Up to1200x1200 dpi
  • Duty Cycle, Monthly              Up to 225,000 pages
  • Two-sided Printing                 Automatic (standard)

Depending on company size and security standards there are different models to choose from.

TROY M604 MICR Printer Model Numbers :

  • TROY M604n MICR Printer (HP 01-05010-101 )  1 tray, no tray lock
  • TROY M604n MICR Printer (HP 01-05010-111)   1 tray with lock
  • TROY M604tn MICR Printer (HP 01-05010-201)  2 trays, no tray locks
  • TROY M604tn MICR Printer (HP 01-05010-221   2 trays with locks

Troy MICR M604

ExPT Technology (Exact Positioning Technology) allows users to precisely adjust MICR line without effecting data file.



Download TROY 604 605 606 Printer Datatsheet to see details and printer specifications.

TROY M604 MICR Printer comes with one year warranty.

Other Warranty options available for purchase.

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