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Printech Offers Electronic Payment Solutions

Printech Offers Electronic Payment Solutions for Companies in the Eastern Caribbean States

ECABThe Eastern Caribbean Region adopted the national automated clearing house association’s standards for processing electronic payments in March of 2010. Printech offers a unique CheckPlus cheque writing system that gives businesses a convenient means of printing cheques, issuing refunds, dividends, financial statements and other secure documents. The software is essential for medium-sized businesses, large corporations, financial institutions, and government agencies. CheckPlus follows all the new regulations that were set forth in the Eastern Caribbean in regards to their brand-new cheque scanning and electronic payment processing standards

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Padlock Icon Makes Secure Checks from Printech

Padlock Icon makes Printech checks more secure

padlockPrintech is now certified as authorized user of Padlock icon. CheckPlusCFO software is capable of printing Padlock icon on the checks bringing extra sense of security to the software and producing secure checks. For some countries the presence of padlock is mandatory including Haiti where National Bank of Haiti requested addition of Padlock to their secure checks while printing on blank secure stock using CheckPlus software. Now other users of CheckPlusCFO can take benefit of using the additional security feature.

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CheckPlus Payment Software for Assisted Living Facilities

AssistedleavingCheckPlus payment software from Printech Global can assist organizations in processing multiple payments. Assisted living facilities can now generate secure, high quality, signed checks using blank security check stock and MICR laser printers, as well as ACH payments to increase efficiency, reduce costs and errors. Using CheckPlus payment software, assisted living facilities can significantly reduce time and cost associated with payment processing and devote more time to improve communities.

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